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Introducing ETA Heiztechnik

Solarforce Renewables uses biomass boilers, controls and associated components manufactured by ETA Heiztechnik, an Austrian company dedicated to the production of high specification biomass heating boilers. ETA has been producing some of Europe’s best biomass boilers for the last 16 years and works with Solarforce Renewables in the UK. Solarforce is proud to have brought on this established company and is looking forwrd to building a strong mutual working relationship with ETA.

Thanks to ETA’s ever-expanding product range, Solarforce is able to offer sustainable solutions for all types of businesses looking to utilise the very latest biomass technology, from small organisations to large commercial and industrial enterprises. Businesses are also able to reduce the cost of a unit’s installation with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, making these robust, reliable and cost-effective boilers a solid investment for any company in the UK.

About our Solution

Solarforce renewables offer a variety of Wood Burning Boilers from automatic pellet fed boilers to hard wood burning boilers. Our boilers have a modern unobtrusive design which can easily be located in a plant room, garage or outhouse. The intelligent integrated  controllers in our boilers mean that they can control the level of heat being produced, can automatically switch off when desired heating level is met, can give a warning for low fuel level, or control fuel input (dependant on model).

[Types of wood burning boilers] We can recommend which boiler is right for you based, on your location and building. Rural areas are typically more suited to Wood Heating System whereas built up areas, where timber is not so accessible, Pellet Heating System may be preferred.

To gain the most out of our Wood Burning Boilers we recommend the installation of an outhouse or shed, whereby you can store wood/pellets. Thermal Earth can provide a silo specifically designed for pellet storage. Having a large silo of pellets  will give you piece of mind that you have enough pellets to provide heating for a prolonged period. Having such a silo will mean that you will never have to man-handle the pellets. Pellets will be inserted directly into the silo, then automatically fed into the Pellet Gasifying Boiler. Having a silo for storage of pellets, deliveries of pellets can be made cheaper due to ordering in bulk.

What are pellets and where do they come from?

Pellets are made from 100% natural wood, typically discarded material from the wood processing industry in the form of sawdust and wood-shavings. The shavings and sawdust are compressed under high pressure to form the cylindrical pellets. The pellets are a convenient fuel as they can be automatically fed into the boiler offering high efficiency levels and a low ash content waste which is both manageable and easily disposed. Storage of pellets may also be easier than logs.

Interesting facts of Wood Pellets:

2kg of pellets is approximately equal to 1l of fuel oil
650kg of pellets = 1m3
1kg of pellets = 4.9kWh

More about Wood Gasifying Boilers

To gain the most out of our Wood Burning Boilers we recommend the installation of an accumulation tank to store the hot water created. With the installation of a highly insulated accumulation tank the boiler needn’t start up and shut down repeatedly, as hot water is already stored.

[Gasification Process Inside Boiler] Solarfroce renwables Wood/Pellet burning Boilers don’t work simply by burning wood. A process called gasification takes place. This works by extracting carbon monoxide and hydrogen from the raw material (wood/pellets) with a controlled amount of oxygen input from the air. The combined mixture is known as Syngas, this in itself is a fuel. The operation which takes place inside our boilers is a two part process; firstly the Syngas is burned to heat water (typically in a downward force towards the base of the boiler in the lower chamber), after the Syngas is exhausted from the raw materials the boiler then enters its second phase when it will start burning the raw materials from the upper chamber. All the heated water is transferred to a highly insulated accumulation tank. The frequency of requirement of heating the accumulation tank depends on the time of year i.e. whether your primary heating is active, if so then you may be required to fill up the boiler in the morning and the evening. However if for example you have a solar system fitted then you may only need ignite your boiler once every 3-4 days.

This process means that you get the most out of the fuel used, and as a result there is minimal waste. The ash left over from the process can easily be gathered and discarded.

In a nutshell...

Can easily be installed to replace current gas or oil boilers

Burns a sustainable energy source which is potentially free

Helps reduce your Carbon Foot-Print

Simple integration with Solar Hot Water Systems

Ash produced is a free and organic fertiliser

UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities and  support the rural economy.

The ability to utilise a variety of wood types from wood chips to chipped dry hardwood waste

Particularly suitable for off mains gas areas
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