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The MODLED Office has been designed specifically for applications where monitors are used in areas such as classrooms and offices.

Modled office Lighting

By using a central microprism optic with Fusion Optix surround the MODLED Office is designed to comply with the latest BSEN 12464 glare requirements ensuring that the luminaire output meets the 3000 candelas per metre squared limit above 65 degrees. We have combined this glare control with high output Philips LED sources ensuring that a 400 lux average can be achieved with spacings as large as 3 metres by 3 metres. The MODLED Office therefore combines compliance with ECA, L2 and BSEN 12464 with optimum performance, allowing your installation to be designed with the minimum of luminaires, capital cost and energy consumption.

The MODLED Office will also be available with a range of options such as dimming, emergency and sensor control allowing you to further improve energy savings and return on investment.

We have complimented this product with two optic designs allowing us to produce a wide variety of luminaire sizes in linear and modular formats to ensure compatibility with a wide range of ceiling systems.

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Long life, low maintenance cost – If used for 10 hours everyday the lifespan could exceed 10 years, offering savings through reduced maintenance costs.

Extended lumen maintenance – HID and fluorescent lamps have a far shorter life with higher lumen depreciation meaning lamp changes have to be made far more frequently (as often as every 9 months for HID) in order to maintain the required light level.

Fully dimmable – Being able to fully dim LEDs makes for greater energy savings and extended lifetime.

Glass & mercury free – Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs have no brittle glass casing. This combined with being mercury free makes them the ideal choice for food safe environments where contamination must be avoided.

Rugged durability and reliability – LED lights have no fragile filament or tube. They are generally more resistant to cold temperatures and shock, relative to HID and fluorescent lamps.

Flicker free operation – Switch start and discharge luminaires exhibit flicker whilst in operation. This stroboscopic effect can be dangerous in areas with moving or rotating machinery and can also trigger epilepsy. LEDs operate with no flicker.

No UV or IR – LEDs produce no Ultraviolet or Infrared which offers wider application potential.

Extremely wide operating temperature range – Can be used at very low temperatures but also suited to warmer environments.

Instant light – LEDs have no ‘run-up’ period or re-strike delay which can occur with HID lighting. Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs are not affected by switching. Therefore, regardless of switching cycles LED life will remain the same.

5 year system warranty (terms and conditions apply, please see our warranty page for full details).


  • Steel housing powder painted RAL9016 50% gloss white.
  • Extruded aluminium optic frame, screw retained.
  • High transmission Fusion Optix panel with 93% transmission and excellent diffusion for maximum efficiency and visual comfort.
  • Injection moulded centre optic frame housing microprism panel to ensure compliance with BSEN 12464.

  • Performance
  • LOR up to 85%.
  • Philips LED LINE offering 4400 lumen or 5500 lumen output.
  • Compliant with BSEN 12464.
  • Although lumen packages will always remain the same, lumens per watt will only improve in line with developments in LED chip technology. This offers improved performance and greater efficiency.
  • L2 compliant 55 llm/W*.
  • ECA compliant*.
  • *specific variants only


  • Available with HFR dimming or DALI dimming.

  • Emergency
  • All variants of the MODLED can be offered with integral 3 hour emergency.

  • Installation
  • Suitable for lay in applications and pull up in plasterboard ceilings (additional patress support may be required).
  • Surface mount variants available.
  • Please contact technical department for advice on suitability for concealed grid ceiling systems.

  • Variations
  • Surface mount variant available with coloured halo option. A wide range of colours are available, please contact our sales department for further information.
  • Two optic designs provide flexibility in luminaire dimensions without compromising BSEN 12464 compliance allowing us to tailor the luminaire size and output to meet your requirements.

For full details on this particular product please feel free to download or take a look a look at the pdf by clicking on the web link below:


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