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Heat pumps are already a proven and vastly popular solution throughout even the coldest countries in mainland Europe; in Sweden alone, 97% of all new housing projects use them as their source of heating. However here in the UK houseowners and developers have only recently started waking up to their overwhelming benefits, and it's taking the industry by storm. Why? Not only are they an efficient form of heating, but reserves of fossil fuels are finite and Carbon Dioxide emissions are continually contributing to climate change.  Heat Pumps are operational around the world, producing safe, reliable heating and cooling. When used in conjunction with a green electricity supplier, Heat Pumps can be a greenhouse gas emission free heating method.


Ground Source heat pumps are dependant on an area surrounding a property. The cheapest method for ground source heat pumps is a horizontal loop which requires a large surface area (typically XXm). If there isn’t enough land available then the alternative would be to create a vertical closed loop system. Both offer the same efficiencies; however a vertical loop is slightly more expensive.


A Water Source heat pump is most suitable when there is a water supply near by, this could be in the form of a river, lake or a borehole (these can be created by us dependant on water content of land). A water source is the most efficient form of heat pump as the liquid passing through the system isn’t re-circulated, instead it pulls directly from the source.

Our Solution

Solarforce renewables Heat Pump Solutions are compatible with most people’s homes. Simply contact us for advice or arrange for a no obligation quotation, we can then advise you on a system to meet your exact needs.We supply, fit and maintain all heat pumps. We know our products, you can leave all of the work to us.

Your new heating system should be a custom fit for your home. The correct sizing of a heating system along with a handful of other installation practices is crucial in order to make the savings, have the comfort and reduce your carbon foot-print.

Solarforce renewables will not size your equipment based on merely square footage, or past heating systems, we conduct heat loss calculations which are tailored specifically around the set of plans given to us, or measurements and data captured through an on site visit.

Service Area

We supply our products UK-wide, and are constantly shipping items to various areas around the country.

In regards to product installation, we service the vast majority of the South Wales area, including the following areas: Cardiff, Carmarthen, Ammanford, Swansea, Brecon, Carmarthenshire, Powys, Llanelli, Port Tablot, Lampeter, Burry Port, Pembrokeshire, Neath, Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil and anywhere in between!

If you are unsure if we can offer an installation service for your area, please contact us and our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Excellent price/power ratio for you

The innovated design of this earth-water (water-water) heat pump is especially suitable for applications with a ground collector. The product line offers heat pumps with a power output from 7 to 64 kW (9-91 kW for the water-water type), has an excellent price/power ratio and very quiet operation. The AquaMaster heat pump will provide you with a pleasant thermal comfort and cheap water heating all year long.

The AquaMaster heat pump boasts very high efficiency and operational reliability. Because of the temperature of the output water of up to 60 °C, the pump is suitable even for renovations of heating systems of older houses.

Another advantage is the almost immeasurable noise level of its compressor installed in an anti-vibration manner, which allows for placing the heat pump almost anywhere without any worries about its unpleasant noise. Even in its basic configuration, its regulation allows for controlling two heating circuits, water heating and solar system, independently.

Its optional accessories include the option to control the heat pump from a computer via the Internet. Upon request, the AquaMaster heat pump can be furnished with above-the-standard accessories, such as cooling, desuperheater for even more intensive water heating or multiple-circuit regulation.

Continuous power output regulation for your thermal comfort

The earth-water or water-water heat pump with continuous regulation of its heating/cooling power output in the range of approximately 30-100%. The pump was awarded the main Grand Prix For Arch 2008 prize. The pump is produced with three different power outputs: 3-8 kW, 5-12 kW and 6-17 kW (these values apply to the earth-water design). The device boasts a great price/power ratio and very quiet operation.

Aqua Master Inverter is an inverter-based heat pump of the earth-water (water-water) type with the absolutely highest possible heating or cooling efficiency. Its LG compressor with a frequency convertor adjusts its power output to the current thermal needs of the building and the heating system thus does not need any accumulation reservoir installed.

The combination of the inverter technology, electronic expansion valve and equitherm regulation system, newly complemented by the option of online compensation of the heating curve temperature, results in exceptionally high heating factors under all operational modes, significant savings of operational expenses, reduction of the compressor load, extension of its lifespan and improved reliability. The state-of-the-art characteristics of the AquaMaster Inverter heat pump were awarded by the Grand Prix For Arch prize.

Continuous regulation of the heating/cooling power output in the range of approximately 30-100%
High efficiency
Operational reliability
Reverse operation - cooling (must be ordered)
Stainless exchangers
Sanyo scroll compressor installed in an anti-vibration manner
Equitherm regulation
Two circulation pumps included in the price
Optional higher output water temperature (up to 60°C)
Environmentally friendly coolant R407c

EEV technology

After the scroll compressor, Electronic expansion valve is the biggest invention. It increases it's effectiveness (COP), reliability and longer lifetime.

Online control

All Master Therm heat pumps are able to connect to the Internet (without IP needed). Every client can watch and control his heat pump via web interface, mobile or tablet device.

Extremely long warranty thanks to the high quality

Units connected to the Internet are nonstop watched by service department. Thanks to this, we are able to provide long warranties.

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