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Heat pumps are already a proven and vastly popular solution throughout even the coldest countries in mainland Europe; in Sweden alone, 97% of all new housing projects use them as their source of heating. However here in the UK houseowners and developers have only recently started waking up to their overwhelming benefits, and it's taking the industry by storm. Why? Not only are they an efficient form of heating, but reserves of fossil fuels are finite and Carbon Dioxide emissions are continually contributing to climate change.  Heat Pumps are operational around the world, producing safe, reliable heating and cooling. When used in conjunction with a green electricity supplier, Heat Pumps can be a greenhouse gas emission free heating method.
How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump works by extracting ambient temperature from one of these three sources (ground, water or air) and is an ingenious solution to providing your home with on demand renewable heating capable of providing all of your hot water needs.

[The Heat Pump cycle] Using the same principles as Air Conditioning units and Fridges, Heat Pumps have the potential to meet the same level of penetration. The liquid solution which circulates within the heat pump, boils when it absorbs the outside ambient temperature, the gas created is then compressed which in turn gives it more heat energy, up to 70˚C. This heat is then passed through the Heat Exchanger which in turn heats the water used throughout the heating system.

This results in an energy efficient solution which, instead of burning a fuel, it extracts thermal energy from an ambient source, producing ‘green’ heating for your home.

Which heat pump is right for you?


Air Source heat pumps are a great solution where space is at a premium or where there is no garden. They can be installed anywhere where there is a constant access to outside air. This can range from; being rested on the ground outside, suspended on a wall or even in a loft with ducting to the outside.

Our Solution

Solarforce renewables Heat Pump Solutions are compatible with most people’s homes. Simply contact us for advice or arrange for a no obligation quotation, we can then advise you on a system to meet your exact needs.We supply, fit and maintain all heat pumps. We know our products, you can leave all of the work to us.

Your new heating system should be a custom fit for your home. The correct sizing of a heating system along with a handful of other installation practices is crucial in order to make the savings, have the comfort and reduce your carbon foot-print.

Solarforce renewables will not size your equipment based on merely square footage, or past heating systems, we conduct heat loss calculations which are tailored specifically around the set of plans given to us, or measurements and data captured through an on site visit.

Service Area

We supply our products UK-wide, and are constantly shipping items to various areas around the country.

In regards to product installation, we service the vast majority of the South Wales area, including the following areas: Cardiff, Carmarthen, Ammanford, Swansea, Brecon, Carmarthenshire, Powys, Llanelli, Port Tablot, Lampeter, Burry Port, Pembrokeshire, Neath, Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil and anywhere in between!

If you are unsure if we can offer an installation service for your area, please contact us and our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Heat Pumps in a nutshell...Heat Pumps don’t feature an open flame, therefore guarding against any possible fuel leaks or carbon-monoxide poisoning
Heat is available whatever the weather, day or night
No need for an expensive Gas connection or an unsightly fuel tank
Can be used to heat a swimming pool or self contained out-building
The average coefficient of performance (CoP) is between 3-4 units, this means that for every 1KW used to run the heat pump 3-4 KW of usable heat energy can be produced.

An air-water type heat pump possessing the latest technology, having above-standard features and minimal mechanical space requirements. Suitable for homes with a heat loss of up to 34 kW, requiring a very quiet exterior unit operation, a comfortable heating and cooling system and the supply of domestic hot water. This heat pump was the winner of the Grand Prix 2006 ForArch award and received an Honorable Mention at the AquaTherm 2006 trade show.

This heat pump features the latest digitally controlled coolant injection technology with a digitally controlled expansion valve, which significantly improves the heat factor and thus the operating costs of the unit.

The Series ZH Copeland Compressor has a higher heat factor and a broader range of use, compared to the standard series ZR compressor. This allows the heat pump to operate efficiently even at very low temperatures (as low as -18°C).


The state-of-the art noise insulation of the heat pump's interior unit is possible thanks to the use of a special dual anti-vibration frame design. This unit can therefore be installed in locations that are directly adjacent to habitable spaces. The quiet operation of the exterior unit is possible through the use of a low speed fan, which makes the AirMaster perfectly suitable for use in densely populated residential areas. Thanks to the fact that the product is sold fully equipped, the installation of AirMaster2 is very fast and also inexpensive, compared to other systems. Each AirMaster heat pump features a remote online monitoring and control system as part of the basic package.


hermetic scroll compressor mounted on anti-vibration footings and a vibration pad
hot water tank with a capacity of 180 l
integrated electric boiler
full range of control, protection and safety features
improved hot vapor auto-defrost system
built-in power panel with safety circuit breakers for all components and HDO controls (compressor overheating protection, residual current device, circuit breakers for the electric boiler and the circulation pump)
MaR system with equitherm regulation
horizontal or vertical air exchanger


hermetic scroll compressor mounted on anti-vibration footings
all components, except for the power panel, are flexibly mounted on an integrated vibration frame
flexible connecting hoses with stainless steel protective braiding
integrated electric boiler, circulation pump, filter
built-in desuperheater-type domestic water heating system with the same heat factor as the heating system
full range of control, protection and safety features
improved hot vapor auto-defrost system
built-in power panel with safety circuit breakers for all components and HDO controls (compressor overheating protection, residual current device, circuit breakers for the electric boiler and the circulation pump)
MaR system with equitherm regulation
horizontal or vertical air exchanger

Compact pump for an excellent price

The new, compact air-water heat pump with continuous regulation of the heating power output using a frequency converter. The Inverter compressor reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. This heat pump was awarded the main price at the Grand Prix For Arch 2009 and Gold Medal for the best Aqua Therm 2009 exhibit.

Unlike standard devices, the inverter technology offers several advantages. The power output of the compressor automatically adapts to the current thermal needs of the given building. It reduces the frequency of compressor start-ups and turn-offs, which have a significant impact on the consumption of electric energy and on the lifespan of the device. In most cases, there is no need to acquire an accumulation reservoir or its size can be significantly reduced, which saves space in the engine room and reduces installation cost. Required temperatures in air-conditioned rooms can be maintained in a more accurate and stable manner.

Moreover, the BoxAir Inverter is also equipped with a DC ventilator with speed regulation and with electronic injection of the coolant, thanks to which the device can work by up to additional 10% more efficiently than a regular heat pump. At the same time, it runs quieter and incurs less frost deposits.

Warranty period of up to seven years and diagnostic options via the Internet are a matter of course. BoxAir-30I-2010 is suitable for buildings with a heat loss between 8 and 14 kW.


EEV technology

After the scroll compressor, Electronic expansion valve is the biggest invention. It increases it's effectiveness (COP), reliability and longer lifetime.

Awards from worldwide exhibitions

Products of Master Therm company are highly regarded on worldwide exhibitions of heating. 11 main awards are evidences of their quality.

Online control

All Master Therm heat pumps are able to connect to the Internet (without IP needed). Every client can watch and control his heat pump via web interface, mobile or tablet device.

Extremely long warranty thanks to the high quality

Units connected to the Internet are nonstop watched by service department. Thanks to this, we are able to provide long warranties.
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