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  • Please visit our Modern energy website which offers a broad solution of products & services on how to save energy &  offers further money saving ideas .http://www.modernenergyelectricalservices.com/

  • M/ee/s  have now taken up the mantle from wear Solarforce left off so that means a change in management,office staff & relocation & best of all Solarforce's old clients can still have the benefits of M/e/e/s customer support.

  • We have further grown our product range to offer our cleints solutions on how to further reduce energy costs with the adaption of energy/battery storage which can benefit owners with savings of up to 80%,How to save electricty at home by installing products such as Battery storage to further reduce your energy cost by installing Solar p.v & energy storage or retro fitting energy storage to your excisiting solar system,We currently have great prodcuts,offers & solutions for your needs.

  • We have a great feed in tariff buy bak scheme in place where you the homeowner can release the equity in your solar systems by receiving a lump payment sum & still carry on using the free electricty while still owning the solar system,A great way to release your feed in tariff cash.

  O & M  services for Domestic,Commercial  & Solar parks.

We offer:
  • IR thermal imaging(Hand & Drone)
  • String testing
  • Voltage & current check
  • AC/DC connector check
  • Inverter testing
  • Junction box, isolator, distribution board and wiring inspection
  • Visual inspection of entire system for signs of damage 
  • Test of parameters of system to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Labling check
  • Roof fixing and roof condition check
  • Maintenance report
  • Advice, replacement of faulty parts and repairs, where necessary
  • Grass & weed management
  • Bird & Rodent proofing
  • Full system Compliance MCS/BS7671 Reports
  • Solar panel cleaning
Our engineers will visit your site or home at a pre agreed time to carry out a system check which is matched to your requirements from any of the above list.

Solar panel cleaning

Our engineers will clean your solar panels improving there efficiency by up to 25%,also check the panels mid and end clamp fixings to make sure they are as secure as the day they were first installed and finally do a system diagnostic to make sure every thing is working correct and to maximum efficiency.

Industry reports say the lack of scheduled cleanings can cause solar panels to lose 25% of their efficiency and increase a solar cells pay back time by 3 - 5 years.

Self cleaning systems are one option but not only do they present a substantial investment they share one inherent flaw with rain storms - they leave water deposits on solar panels. These deposits will not be removed with subsequent cleanings with soap and water.
After we realize a good cleaning is called for the next step is to choose a product that will not only be safe for solar panels or skylights but will also be safe for the building, the ecology and our families and employees.
Inspect the solar panels on a regular schedule (how often will depend on your location and manufacturer's warrantee requirements). Look for signs of any debris or dirt and check that all connections are tight.

Special consideration should be given to any bird droppings, fallen leaves and/or water spotting as they can seriously impact panel efficiency and in the case of water spotting lead to permanent damage in the form of glass etching. We offer suggestions for these special types of cleaning problem below.

Special attention should be given to frames and hardware on an annual basis as modern installations are designed to function for 30 years but only if properly maintained.

Solar panels are usually installed on roofs or other high places. Shown proper caution when working on ladders and high pitched roofs.
Some would have you believe that an occasional rain storm will effectively clean your solar panels. Well here in the U.K  it rains a lot of the time and we still have to regularly wash our car & Home windows  so that theory doesn't seem to hold water.
Look for signs of any debris or dirt and check that all connections are tight. Frequency of inspections will vary depending upon any special conditions in your area (high winds or dusty areas should be inspected more frequently, perhaps 2 - 4 times per year).
Solar panels are usually installed on roofs or other high places. Shown proper caution when working on ladders and high pitched roofs.

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