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Frequently asked questions?

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Will PV Solar panels work during the winter?
Yes. Solar panel manufacturing technology has now advanced to a level that panels will now produce green electricity even in an overcast cloudy day.

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What’s the difference between PV and other solar energy technologies?
PV solar systems convert solar radiation directly into electricity by means of PV cells made from semiconductor materials. Wet solar systems (water heating), use a solar collector that faces the sun and is used solely for heating water.

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What happens when I produce more electricity than I need?
When your PV system produces more electricity than you need, the surplus will flow back into the national grid. Your electricity supplier will pay you extra for this surplus power, to reduce your future electricity bills.

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Why should I consider a PV solar system?
PV solar systems are easy to install with minimal disruption and have no moving parts so they are also maintenance free. PV is now a mature technology, is guaranteed at 80% efficient for 25 years plus, creates no pollution and is silent when operating.

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What are the disadvantages to using PV solar system?
The only disadvantage is the cost; however this is offset by the forthcoming feed in tariff. The average system should pay for its self in 7 to 10 years.

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Should I change my electricity supplier?
There is no need to change your existing electricity supplier unless you want to, and if you do we will help you.

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Are Solarforce Renewables a national company?
Yes we are, we do undertake commercial work but we specialise in domestic installations under 4kW, we are a National Company with depots throughout the United Kingdom.
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How long will it take to install my PV solar system?
PV systems can be installed and ready to produce electricity in 2-8 weeks from the time the design & schematic have been agreed.

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How large can my PV or Solar Thermal system be?
The size of any solar panel system is determined by several competing factors. The main factors we find are how large your roof is, general feasibility, how overshaded your roof my be, and of course your budget. After talking through your requirements our advisors will advise on the best options for you.

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What happens if something goes wrong?
All panels come with a 25 year performance warranty so in the unlikely event that you experience problems, Solar Essence will be on hand to diagnose and resolve your problem. The installation comes with a 10 year warranty so you can be sure your installation will be of the highest standard.

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What maintenance and cleaning do the systems need?
PV Solar systems are silent in operation, have no moving parts and require very little maintenance. Dust or dirt may cause a power reduction. The modules can be cleaned with a hose and clean water.

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How long do should my PV systems last?
Your PV Solar system is guaranteed operate at 80% for 25 years plus, with an expected lifetime exceeding 40 years.

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Can I cancel my contract after signing?
Yes, a customer has 7 working days from the date the contract was signed to cancel without incurring any costs, the terms and conditions on the back of the contract clearly explain how to cancel the contract by completing the form provided.
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